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Mahesh Bhatt: Maanyata Doesn’t know Sanjay is out

Sanjay Dutt’s second parole in two months is the hot topic right now. It has proved beyond a point that the rich in our country can do anything. In October, Sanjay Dutt was out on a 30 day furlough because he was reportedly ill and now, he is out again because his wife is ill this time. The actor, who is in the middle of a 42 month sentence, is now out again because his wife Maanyata is reportedly suffering from liver issues that are interfering with the functioning of her heart.

This came under a lot of criticism and it also led to protests against the actor being granted parole. Maanyata’s illness was also commented upon by the public, who said it is just an excuse as she was seen attending many events and having a good time at all the events. To this, film-maker Mahesh Bhatt, who is also a good friend of the Dutts, responded saying Maanyata doesn’t know that Sanjay Dutt is on parole.

Bhatt added further that it was wrong of the media and the public to comment upon her health just because she is attending events. He added that Manisha Koirala, who was suffering from cancer, attended his nephew Vishesh Bhatt’s wedding despite the illness.

Does Mr. Bhatt think the entire country is so naive as to just believe what he says?

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