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DNA writes an open letter to the “rich kid”, Ranbir Kapoor

We had reported about how Ranbir Kapoor fumed at a journalist and zoomed away with his video camera. We also told you what Ayan Mukherji had to say about the entire episode.

Just in case you missed it, read here.

We forgot to tell you that, not only did the actor snatch away the journalist’s camera, he also used a couple of filthy cuss words at him. Ranbir Kapoor has been ridiculed for his uncool act and the popular newspaper DNA has also written an open letter to the actor, which reads,

generic viagra pictures Dear RK,

I believe on Thursday night both you and Ayan were out to have a gala time at a suburban restaurant in Mumbai. Which is a good thing. After all, hard working boys like you two must find the time to chill. I understand your need to whoop it up away from prying eyes. What I don’t understand is your compulsion to bully a photographer who took your pictures while you left the eatery.

You took away the poor journalist’s video camera and drove away into the night. I can just imagine the two of you doing a high-five and chuckling at your priceless prank as you drove away. Yup, you taught the bloke a lesson.

He, poor fellow, must have been defecating bricks on that crowded road as he must have stood stunned by your…errm, prank. Let me explain. That camera is that journalist’s livelihood. It’s bread, and no butter applicable. You wouldn’t understand, you are a pampered rich filmy kid. But that poor journalist’s entire life must have flashed by in front of his eyes, as you drove away with his most precious belonging.

What was the guy doing? Taking your pictures? And why must he be punished for doing his job? Do you know the pressures that photo-journalists on television channels work under? They’re told to deliver scoopy snaps, sensational pics, sting-type visuals. And if they don’t they are threatened they’d be fired. While you are partying at 4 am inside a nightclub, he is working. Waiting for you outside, without probably having dinner or a drink of water.

It’s like, do or die. But I don’t expect you two to understand. Intoxicated as you must have been on more levels than one, what with your recent successes. But think about what your behaviour must have done to that photo-journalist’s morale.

One question bothers me. Why were you so outraged to be clicked with Ayan? It’s not as if Katrina was with you!

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