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Boney Kapoor wil have to give away his own house to Subrata Roy?

Boney Kapoor is in huge trouble! Sahara owner, Subrata Roy, has no other option other than taking over Boney Kapoor’s properties as the actor had mortgaged it while borrowing a sum of Rs 85 crore from Sahara Motion Pictures. According to what we have heard, the movie producer is facing a huge economic trouble.

We very well know that, in January 2013, Sandeep Bhargava replaced Boney Kapoor as CEO of Sahara Motion Pictures but apparently there is a bigger picture to the story. If rumours are to be believed, the eldest Kapoor took a sum of 85 crore from Sahara and mortgaged his property for the same. The staggering amount rose to this figure slowly and steadily, from the time he was making ‘No Entry’.

Now, Sahara is under financial crunch and the company needs to pay its SEBI loan. Thus, the Sahara chief has decided that they would mortgage Boney Kapoor’s property to the government, as the company has waited long enough for Boney to return the amount that he owed them. Subhrata Roy personally called Boney and informed about this unfortunate step that he had to take with great hesitation.

The Kapoor and the Roy families have been very close for a long time now, but it seems the friendship has dried down owing to professionally unethical behaviour from the Senior Kapoor..}} else {

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