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Best films of Dilip Kumar: The stars shine down!

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar has done over 100 films in his career. Most of them are timeless classics. Some of them are nuggets of pure gold that remain etched in history for their gripping story line, mellifluous songs and stellar performance by the star cast. As Dilip Kumar turns 91 today, we can’t help but recall the superstar that he is and all that was part and parcel of the tag. From his real-life romance to his cinematic charm, it’s all fresh in our mind. So here we share with you the best films of Dilip Kumar.


The first film that comes to our mind when we talk about this legend is Mughal-e-Azmam. A historical drama of the Mughal period when Akbar the emperor went into a conflict with his son Salim, played by Dilip Kumar over his love affair with a courtesan played by Madhubala. Dilip played the role of Prince Salim to perfection and he brought a new dimension to the love scenes he enacted with Madhubala.


Dilip Kumar has given an all new defination to the lover boy tag. He is ever woman’s’ fantasy and every mans’ competition. Devdas almost became synonymous with Dilip Kumar. Based on the Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel, the story is about a tragic lover played by Dilip Kumar. He immortalized this story of star-crossed lovers and unrequited love.


This famous film , starring Dilip Kumar and Vyjayantimala is one of the most beautiful films ever made in Bollywood. It was one of the earliest films to deal with reincarnation and had a Gothic noir feel to it. This film was commercially very success and influential. This film bagged the most number of filmfare awards, 9, until DDLj in 1995 surpassed this film with 10 Filmfare awards.


It is the first time that we see Raj Kapor and Dilip Kumar together. Two legends sharing screen space has to be something spectacular. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kumar and Nargis dazzle in the dark love triangle Andaz. Dilip Kumar especially displayed an array of emotions from the quiet lover to an unwitting villain that led to his unfortunate demise. He had has us rooting for him from the very first scene he makes an appearance.


It was notable for being the first and only film to feature veteran actors Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan together on screen. The film is regarded as director Ramesh Sippy’s best work and is considered as one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. Dilip Kumar and Amitabh together dazzle the silver screen in this masterpiece.
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