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Aamir Khan: Started smoking again because of Dhoom 3

One look at Dhoom 3‘s trailers or posters is enough to make any girl go gaga over Aamir Khan’s physique and any guy feel jealous about it. It is evident that he put in extensive efforts in acquiring that sculpted body, so it came as a surprise when Aamir said he started smoking again because he is worried about the fate of the film.

“I have started smoking again because of tension for Dhoom 3. I did not smoke in the last two years… I had quit it. I was on strict diet. Now, not only am I g but also eating lots of food. I want to give up (smoking). I want to be fit… I will give up after December 31,” he said.

“I have no expectation from Dhoom 3 as far as box office collections go. I am not thinking about all this. It is important that audience should have a great time and love the film. Audience is not interested in numbers and even so I am not interested in it. It doesn’t matter to me. I believe films should touch your heart,” the actor explained; elaborating that he is worried about how the audiences will receive his film…

Aamir Bhai, it is you who is in it…! Don’t worry!

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