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Is Rohit Shetty the next Fear Factor host?

From Akshay Kumar to Priyanka Chopra, the TV show Fear Factor has seen a lot of interesting people hosting it. Now, the makers have apparently approached Rohit Shetty, the director to host the next season of the show. He is still to give his nod for this. Looking at how all his movies including the Golmaal series and the Chennai Express have all had a lot of action in them, Rohit was picked as the host for the TV show.

Akshay Kumar, we must say was the perfect host for Fear Factor with his action hero image, great body and a great charm with which he interacted with the participants. With an attitude that was killer action queen Priyanka Chopra did an amazing job as well.

But then, we must remember that these two are stars and hence will have a lot of appeal with the public who watch the show and participate in it. Rohit Shetty on the other hand, being a director may not really have the same appeal is what we think. Plus he doesn’t have a great body like that of Akshay Kumar or Priyanka Chopra (not that it is important, but the show being an action-oriented one, it definitely counts). So maybe Rohit, after all may not really be the right choice unless he does something unique to win the audiences.

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