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Sunny Deol: It is important to make good films

Sunny Deol has spent more than three decades in Bollywood and is perhaps the only actor who is not involved in any controversies or such. In fact, he once said he doesn’t want to be involved in anything other than his work as far as Bollywood is concerned.

Talking to a leading daily, Sunny Deol said “I have not been from away from Bollywood but it’s just that I don’t get involved in things which are not related to work. I don’t do things which have nothing to do with industry. There is no unity in Bollywood and we are just colleagues. Our motto is never to do things together; we want to be strong individually.”

“Good films work in industry, but even bad films work at the Box Office. People make a target and work accordingly in films. They have made a business out of it. It’s important to make good films; if you have done best you will get results. Don’t fabricate the things for audience,” added the 57 year old actor.
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