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After Ranbir, its Katrina Kaif’s turn for hostility with media

Katrina Kaif, who is usually media friendly showed her darker side to them recently when she was in Dubai promoting a jewellery brand. She was supposed to attend a series of events in the city in different 3 to 4 venues. And each time, she would either turn up late or reschedule her meetings which irritated all the media personnel that were present there.

At the first venue, Katrina Kaif asked for the cancellation of all her one on one interviews which was the first blow to the them and a lot of the media people left because of that. And those who have stayed had to wait for hours as the actress turned up 2 hours late, she was supposed to be there at 2:30 but came there only 4:30. Even then, she only stayed for a very short time.

After that, the actress refused to attend the event at the third venue where the promotion was happening as she thought that the security arrangements were not up to the mark.Even after the security was doubled, the actress refused to come there. Instead she asked all of the media to come back to the first venue at 6:15 pm and most of the media personnel who have had enough by now did not come. Except for a popular news channel no one was at the venue.

Incidentally, it was on the same evening that Ranbir had a tiff with the media where he snatched a media person’s camera.

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