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Raima Sen talks about her upcoming movie based on a rape incident!

Bollywood’s almost forgotten actress Raima Sen is eagerly looking forward to Mrityunjay Devvrat’s The Bastard Child, as the actress feels that her role in the movie is the toughest role she has portrayed on the big screen so far. In the film, she is cast opposite Indraneil Sengupta, who plays a journalist.

“It’s a controversial film based on the rape of a huge number of Bangladeshi Bengali women by Pakistani army men during the Liberation War, in which rape was used a weapon. The film, which focuses in a searing, unflinching way on violence, has three or four parallel stories broken up into even smaller tales. In the end, the lives of the characters come together,” Raima said.

“The first story, set in rural Bangladesh, is thejourney of a family through troubled times guided by their father. Another is about a journalist who becomes a militant. His wife’s life, which is the central story in the film and unfolds inside a rape camp, is about the women of Bangladesh at that time,” the actress added.

“For 21 days, we shot extensively during the night and didn’t see the light of day. I could feel the pain the women went through. My role was pretty tough. Her body language and eyes had to reflect the pain she was going through. The film shows beautifully, yet aesthetically, how rape was used as a weapon,” Raima said.
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