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Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt’s tete-a-tete on twitter

As we know, Alia Bhatt’s playing the Chennai iyer girl in the film adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. When the movie recently wrapped up its shooting, Alia who has apparently had a great time shooting for the film was very sad, and tweeted on the same.

Here’s what the tweet says, “Last day of ‘2 States’! It’s been beautiful and exciting. Will miss playing the Ananya Swaminathan. Too emotional today.”

Daddy Bhatt, who could not stand the fact that his daughter was sad, replied to her tweet consoling her. And here’s how the tweet goes, “My experience says that when the principal actor ‘weeps’ when a film is over, the maker smiles. This means your film is a hit.”

And Alia, who hasn’t weeped yet said in her next tweet, “Well I hope I weep today then like I always do. Love you.”

We hope that she weeps as well, as we would hate to see the engaging novel by Chetan Bhagat not turning out well on the big screen.

Along with two states, Alia has got another movie in her hands, Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Highway’. So from now on, whenever Alia weeps at the end of the shooting of a movie, it’s going to be a hit for sure.
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