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Maanyata Dutt diagnosed with a tumor

Sanjay Dutt, who is in the middle of the 42 month prison sentence for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts and for illegal possession of arms, recently sought a 30 day parole because his wife Maanyata Dutt is suffering from a complication in her abdomen. Reportedly, she has been diagnosed of a tumor on her liver.

“She has complained of chest pain and sudden weight loss. During tests we detected a large tumour growth on her liver,” her cardiologist Ajay Chaughule told IANS. Apparently, the tumor on her liver is affecting her heart’s functioning; as per Chaughule; who is a doctor at Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Conveniently enough, the doctor declined to comment when asked whether the condition was serious, but he seemed positive that she will recover. The absence of her husband Sanjay Dutt, is prolonging the course of her treatment as she doesn’t want to undergo anything without his presence.

Subsequently, Sanjay Dutt requested a parole and was granted a 30 day parole on Friday; just a month and a half after his 30 day furlough.

Following protests from various organizations, the Home Minister R.R. Patil has sought a report from the concerned departments to ascertain whether the actor is eligible for a month’s parole on grounds that Maanyata is reportedly ill.

It seems as if bunking jail is as easy as bunking college…
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