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Katrina Kaif reveals what her Mr.Perfect should be like

While posing for some really fantastic pictures for the cover page of the December issue of Vogue, Katrina Kaif revealed all about what she thinks her, Mr.Perfect should be like and what it is about guys that she first notices.

She started off by talking about how it was good to be posing for a photo shoot for a magazine, “I started off as a model, so it’s always interesting and finally good to be back on a photo shoot. Nowadays, it’s less common and very rare that we get to be on a magazine shoot.”

And here’s what Katrina Kaif looks for, in her perfect guy, “The first things I would notice would be his vibe, his personality and his aura. That feeling you get from him if he’s warm, trustworthy and caring.”

So does Katrina like men who cook or men who are foodies? “Either one is fine for me. Cooking is not that important. I think, a guy who likes to eat.”

Does the part-firangi babe prefers it if her man wears a suit or a sherwani? “A tuxedo” she says, ” A tuxedo is classic and always looks good. It’s gotta be the right one, cut, style of it – black tuxedo is foolproof!”

We sure hope that Ranbir Kapoor is listening to all this…!

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