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The Best Incident And The Worst Drama In Bollywood In The Past Week!

Bollywood has a lot of drama to offer you every single day. Be it good or bad, everything here happens at a cost!

Over the past week there have been way too many things happening in B’Town. Here is a look at what we thought was the best and the worst thing to happen in Bollywood this past week!

Aww! That’s really nice..

Now this is definitely a very good thing to have taken place. We’re so pleased with this.

“I have loved Shahrukh like a younger brother”, says Salman Khan
Bollywood actor Salman Khan made quite a few startling revelations on the opening episode of Karan Johar’s chat show, ‘Koffee with Karan’ – season 4. The actor, who is not very open about his life, be it personal or professional, seemed pretty chilled out while talking to Karan. Read more

Now, isn’t that very sweet of Salman?

oh please! give us a break..

Here is what we thought was not a good thing to have taken place!! Oopsie, watch what you’re doing, we’ve got our eyes set on you!

OMG! Did an angry Ranbir Kapoor zoom away with TV channel’s video camera?
While some are born with it, others turn little monsters as they climb up the ladder of success. Backed by starry parents, and easy access to a career in acting – the power of lineage has often gone to the head of young actors. And this time, we are talking about Ranbir Kapoor, one Bollywood brat who often shows off his rude behavior to the media. See More

Phew!! Starry tantrums! Nonsense! Drama!} else {

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