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“Kareena hates her colleagues” Ranbir on Koffee with Karan4

We know Kareena never had any really good friends in bollywood, but it was surprising when she agreed to Ranbir’s statement in Koffee with Karan4 saying how she hates her colleagues. Here’s how the conversation went.,

Ranbir Kapoor made a statement that said “Kareena hates all her colleagues” and Kareena did not really deny that (as any other actress would probably have done) and said that she wasn’t in the Hindi film industry to make friends.

Kareena then talked about how she made friends with Ranbir’s alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif when she was shooting for a film with her husband Saif Ali Khan and she went to visit him. She talked about how she even had coffee with her at the time. Ranbir cut her short saying “Also you have not been friendly with any colleagues of yours?…she hates all of them.”

Karan Johar then added, “Anyone who is a contemporary actress, Kareena can’t be a friend with.” To which Ranbir said, “You (Kareena) always liked somebody who is 10 years senior to you or somebody who is just born.”

And this is how Kareena reacted to all this, “A.I am not here to make friends and B.I am here to work. C. I have too many friends already so why I would I want to make friends.”


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