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When Golide Behl fell for our beautiful Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl’s love story wasn’t any typical Bollywood love affair. It was love at first sight for Goldie but Sonali was naive. She was happy with just being friends and for a long while, Goldie didn’t push her.

But when they did fall in love, there were few objections. She was a rising star, she was beautiful and educated. Goldie on the other hand was just a producer and wouldn’t exactly fit the description of debonair. Not that he wasn’t good looking but looking at them, you could tell he wasn’t made for gorgeous Sonali. But then, love prevails all and 11 years ago, they entered martial bliss.

Back then, this was a huge shock for all of us. We knew they were friends and then good friends and then they were courting but we never thought that they would actually get married. I mean it doesn’t happen in real life now, does it? Well, they were married, thousands of hearts were broken and then came the wait. We were waiting for the other shoe to drop. We were waiting for a little fight, a spark, an affair of either if them, a rumour about divorce.

But nope! Nothing of that sort happened. We gave up after few months and really started accepting what we saw. And when we looked closely, we realized that they were just meant for each other! The way Sonali compliments Goldie and the was his love-filled-eyes make her the only woman in the world. Its just too romantic. This was the phase where we started rooting for them and defended their relationship like they were our kin.

When you look at their picture, you’ll see marital bliss written all over their face. Both of them are glowing with happiness. Always attending parties and award show together, hand in hand, love in eyes. Uff, this is THE most romantic couple in Bollywood. To be honest, I would give them the #1 status in Bollywood.

#2 would be Saif and Kareena. There is something about Saifeena. Maybe they are arrogant or just too confident about themselves. I can’t put my finger on it. They are a great couple. Hot, sexy, in love, THE couple, IT couple. Yes everything but the don’t have the pleasant aura that Sonali and Goldie share. They just look so warm and welcoming all the time.

Now what really intrigues me is, in the age of divorce, separations, child custody, how did they manage to be so strong? Goldie says, all thanks to Sonali Bendre. She’s been the pillar of his strength, his support system. She has this immense faith in him and he trusts her too. He says that their son Ranveer is the best gift that Sonali has ever given him.

Sonali Bendre, like I said, was happy being just friends. But Goldie wanted more and didn’t stop pursuing her all thanks to his mother. He says “Even my mom asked me not to let go of her. She thought Sonali was an amazing girl. For the first time in my life I heeded my mom’s advice and thank God for that.”

How did their friendship turn to courtship? Well, it’s pretty simple! “Long drives and heated political discussions were instrumental in strengthening our bond. And in no time we were seeing each other. I see no particular reason why she agreed to be with me but I’m glad she did.” viagra plus yohimbine Isn’t that the most romantic thing that you heard lately?
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