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Dialogue promos of R Rajkumar

Shahid Kapoor did not disappoint us with R Rajkumar. It was a fantastic movie!! Everything about the movie was so good. We loved the romance, the comic timing, the actions scenes and even the emotional ones to be honest. FOr those of you, who haven’t watched the movie yet, here’s a little sneak peak into the movie. For those of you, who are still in two minds about watching the movie, here’s a little incentive. Check out the dialogue promos and decide for yourself! I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it!


Silent ho jaaa!

O em geeee! We love it when Shahid gets all pissed. Silent ho jaa, warna mai violent hojaunga! As simple as that. Shut it or I shall slaughter you and feed you to the dogs!


Pyaar se bol, mar jaunga

This was a pretty cute scene. I mean, its annoying how Shahid is all over the place but the dialogue is so sweet. Makes you go awww.. The way he says pyaar se bolegi, mar bhi jaunga. It’s so Shahid! Reminds you of Jab We Met



Talk about being funny! Shahid Kapoor is the desi lover boy and he knows how to win a girl’s heart – by constantly following her and annoying her. And when she starts cribbing about how he looks, he gives it back to her and then our lovely shotgun junior says, khamooooosh!


pyaar ya maar

Our Desi lover boy has only two things in his life. Pyaar pyaar pyaaaaar aur maar maar maaaaar! Ouch. Quite a violent guy. Don’t you think? But the violent nature comes in handy in the movie.


kya body hai!

A typical Bollywood scene. Evil must be destroyed and drug lords must be killed. Yep! That’s what Shahid will have to do, if he wants to marry Sonakshi Sinha.


Ishq ne nikamma kara

We all knew ishq was kameena and in R Rajkumar, you will also see how ishq makes a person lazy and useless. Well, those are Sonu Sood’s words. Not mine.


mera pyaar

It’s quite obvious now, isn’t it? Beating the crap out of people is his job so he’s obviously a very muscular macho man. Now just imagine what would he do if you mess with his love? Or rather his love life? Be careful Sonu!

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