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Emraan might leave Shatir because of Humaima Malik

We know how Emraan Hashmi, the bollywood actor who’s always been known for his professionalism and punctuality is very much pissed at Humaima Malik, his Shatir co-star lately for unprofessionalism and a habit of taking her own time to report at the shooting. Humaima’s also been having problems with her Pakistani Visa to India because of which the makers will need to wrap up the shooting by the end of January 2014.

Now, he’s apparently so miffed at her that he wants to walk out of Shatir entirely as it is still in the beginning of its shooting. Initially, it was him who suggested to the director that she should be a part of Shatir looking at how she was so fantastic in the Pakistani movie Bol which was a huge hit in the country.But looking at how she’s so unavailable or late all the time, Emraan, the perfectionist, is really pissed at her now.

Although she was booked for a two film deal with the UTV movies, the makers now don’t want her to be a part of the second film looking at how she’s so difficult to work with. We wish Humaima would atleast now correct her ways realizing how lucky she was in the first place to bag a film opposite Emraan Hashmi.


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