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Vidya Balan, The Dirty Picture lady, leaves us amazed even today!

Words fail to express her individuality! Vidya Balan stands testimony to the age old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.” She has a care-a-damn attitude and doesn’t give two hoots about what people have to say, or rather criticize, about her.

Respect is one word that I find apt for this diva. Vidya Balan silenced everybody when she decided to do a bold film like The Dirty Picture. The entire industry was in a state of shock when the heard that this actor put her career at stake by signing The Dirty Picture. Indeed, it was a risky affair!

What makes me stand in awe of this beautiful woman is the fact that she went that extra mile to make sure she did justice to the role she played in the film. She put on oodles of weight, which any leading actress would deny, and didn’t fuss about being ugly.

The lady received huge opposition and condemnation for choosing to do something like that. Silk Smita, on whom the entire picture was made upon, was considered a disgrace to the society. And the fact that Vidya decided to portray Silk on screen was more than enough for fingers to begin pointing at her.


However, Vidya decided to stand by her decision and went on to complete the film. When the first look of The Dirty Picture released, it really looked dirty! That showed how much dedication the lady put in to make it look cent percent real. The movie had its own share of troubles when the censor board raised innumerable questions. But somehow, the film managed to hit theatres and gather a huge positive response.

And her hard work paid off!! Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture broke all Box Office records and directly led Vidya into the list of Bollywood’s ‘best actresses’.

The best part is that for all the hard work that she put in, all the digs that she took upon herself and all the pain she had to endure, Vidya went on to bag the National Film Award for Best Actress in the year 2011. Kudos!!

Once again I’d say
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