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Tusshar Kapoor gets angry over bouncing cheques and no-payment of dues

Somewhere around August of 2012, Tusshar Kapoor filled a case for non-payment of dues agains Samir Karnik who is a filmmaker. Tusshar was the leading man of Samir’s ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’.

After the film was released, Karnik vanished off without reportedly clearing the dues of several of his actors, which including Tusshar too. Tusshar didn’t sit quiet, the actor got his lawyers to pursue his payments.

In the latest turn of events, we have heard that the star son has managed to recover some amount that was outstanding. However, 36 lakhs (minus the TDS) is still pending as the cheque Karnik had given to his lead actor bounced. A criminal case for cheque bouncing is still sub judice at the Andheri court.

While Tusshar refused to comment saying that he was advised against speaking because the matter is sub judice, a member of his legal team confirmed that the issue had not yet been resolved between the actor and the filmmaker. And every effort would be made to ensure that Tusshar recovered his full payment.
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