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Sajid Nadiadwala sued for defamation

Sajid Nadiadwala, the popular film-maker who is making Salman Khan’s next film, has been sued by an executive producer for defamation. The petitioner, Swapna David, sued Sajid for only 1 Rupee as she believes her integrity and her morality which was hurt, cannot be valued.

Reportedly, the producer Sajid Nadiadwala and his team circulated an email which accused Swapna of being “involved in taking commissions/kickbacks from people who have been paid by the production company for services rendered by them”.

Swapna’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi, says that due to the acts of Nadiadwala and the management of his production company, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt Ltd., Swapna “has been made to suffer not only by way of loss of reputation but also morally”, as also “mental torture and agony”.

“I have asked for only Re. 1 as compensation as no one can put a value on character and integrity. The whole episode has been an attempt to malign me so that they could delay payment due to the crew and suppliers in UK. I have not filed this suit for publicity nor for my money, but for the money he owes the crew in UK. Abuse of power to harass an individual for an agenda should never be encouraged,” said Swapna.

Sajid, was not available to comment on this.

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