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R… Rajkumar Review: A ‘Masala’ Recipe

Just when Hindi film lovers started to think that Bollywood is taking a turn towards making quality movies, along the likes of The Lunchbox, there come movies like Singh Saab The Great and R… Rajkumar; with the age old one hero-one love interest-one villain-5 songs-6 fights-100 punches and punchlines recipe. Prabhu Deva’s Shahid Kapoor starrer R… Rajkumar was touted to be a masala entertainer but it turns out to be just a recipe. Bollywood Celebden presents R… Rajkumar review.

Rating: 2/5

Prabhu Deva has a demigod status when it comes to dancing and Shahid Kapoor is popular for his lover boy roles and also for his dancing skills. The question that pops into one’s head while watching is what the hell are these two doing in the action genre???

Shahid desperately tries to pull off a Suniel Shetty or a Sunny Deol or an Akshay Kumar but horribly fails. The way he woos his love interest, played by Sonakshi, will put any self-respecting eve teaser or a stalker to shame. Sonakshi plays his love interest who initially bashes up baddies but falling in love with the ‘hero’, somehow morphs her into a damsel in distress (or a distressing damsel as she is the reason Shahid Kapoor and Sonu Sood fight each other).

All the punch-lines, the short-lived scene where Prabhu Deva and Shahid Kapoor share screen space, the chemistry between the lead actors, the villainous villain have already been shown in the trailer. In fact, if one watches the trailer, it is enough to know what happens in the film. The long trailer was probably its undoing; a mistake that another recent masala film Bullett Raja didn’t make. But then that was directed by someone like Tigmanshu Dhulia.

The songs, which are the saving grace of the film, are exhausted in the first half and Shahid fans will not get to see him dance in the second half; which is filled with punches and kicks and Shahid beating up goons thrice his size.

Sonu Sood makes the movie a little watchable but that’s just about it.

Verdict: Watch it only if you are desperate to sit in a theater.

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