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Katrina Kaif’s item songs: Groovy and full of tamasha!

Anything that Katrina Kaif does becomes headlines, and why won’t it? She is the Barbie Doll of Bollywood after all! She has danced her way to be crowned as the queen of Bollywood, quite literally. If she has a long list of super hit films, she has a longer list of super duper hit item songs. We’ll tell you the best of Katrina Kaif’s item songs. She established herself as a “Hot Item Girl“. She has been seen in some of the most Sizzling performances of all time.

Sheila Ki jawaani

She set the trend of item songs with this one and boy she has left us speachless. Crazy dance moves and a special mention of the belly dance that we still try aping with the video paying in front of us for the 100th time.

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Chikni Chameli

This film had a bunch of talented actors like Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Rishi Kapoor who did a fabulous job but the main reason that people thronged to the theater was to watch Katrina shake her booty in this amazing song. She stole the show!


When we see this song the only word that comes to our mind is MashAllah! How can she be so hot and not look one bit of vulgar? She seduces the life out of everyone with this amazing number!

Zara Zara

We wish the lyrics of this song, Zara zara touch me touch me, zara zara kiss me, kiss me, were true man. If they were, then Katrina would be flooded with kisses forever. A divine goddess swaying her hips in perfect synchrony with the tune, Katrina is a delight to watch on screen.

Dhoom 3

So we end the list with the latest and probably the most awaited song of the year. Dhoom 3 sees Katrina in a never seen before, sensuality and wohhoooo! She is just stunning to say the least. She has some secret love affair with these item numbers, they seem to be made for each other. Every song that she dances to is a chart-buster, this one is no exception!
All we can say is that Katrina even if you quit acting, please don’t quit doing item numbers!
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