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Exclusive promo of Katrina in Dhoom 3 Kamli song

The makers of Dhoom 3 seems to be on a roll and they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the movie maintain the hype which is surrounding it not just before the movie, but also after the movie is released. And for that very reason, the makers have released the promo of yet another song from the movie, this one features leading lady Katrina Kaif. The song is very peppy and fast paced, Katrina with her stunning looks and moves makes the song even more watchable. But in parts, we observed her uneasiness doing not-so-conventional steps. Especially after the ridiculous amount of time spent in getting trained to get her moves right along with Aamir Khan. The one thing which came to our minds immediately after watching the video was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s solo number Crazy kiya re from Dhoom 2. Aishwarya was simply stunning and got everything right for the song. While Katrina’s Kamli comes a bit close to Ash’s super-hit song, Katrina just never gets there, mainly because the B-town beauty seems to be trying too hard.

What we really liked about the song are the acrobatic stunts that Katrina does – Katrina Kaif has the technique right and does the complex and difficult moves quite easily. Watch the video to find out what we are talking about..

As for the song and the music – it’s always a delight to hear Sunidhi Chauhan’s beautiful voice which we can never get bored of. Pritam too has done a decent job with the music, but it does sound familiar, like something we have heard already heard before. Who knows, if at all our perceptions will change after watching the movie.

Dhoom 3 Kamli Song

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