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Doting father Shahrukh khan talks about his kids and his plans for them

Shah Rukh Khan is one man who’s passionate about everything he does, and parenting is one of those. As everyone already knows and he’s told the media many times, he loves his children above anything else. At a recent interview by TOI at Unilever’s project sunlight, Shah Rukh Khan talks about his children, Aryan and Suhana.

When he was asked about his reputation for being a good parent, here’s what he says,”I think it is overrated because I am a movie star. All parents are good. My parents were very good. I am an easy-going and physical parent. I play with my children a lot. I am not at all stern with them. I allow them the freedom to fail. I allow them the freedom to say, ‘I don’t know.’ I feel happy when they get things wrong because then as a parent, my job gets extended and I can teach them what is correct. ”

“Apart from that, I have always thought of my children as my best friends. I love listening to their stories. I, very early on decided that because I am in that position that I can give them whatever they desire, I will give them so much that by the age of 10, all that they will desire is to fulfill their dreams. I would like to educate them very well and have explained the importance of education to them. I tell them the importance of flowers. I tell them the beauty of poems, I tell them the greatness of gentleness and teach them the goodness of God. I teach them very simple things and they both have a great sense of humour.” he adds.

With a father this amazing, you would think that the kids have become spoilt by now. But apparently they’re not.

“No, not at all. They are not like me. Really simple things make them happy. To be really honest, I am in a place where there are not too many desires left like that. But they will not ask me for a cycle or a bike or a car. I recently told Aryan that I would buy him a car. And he said, ‘Papa, we have enough cars.’ Recently, Suhana sent me a message asking me for a simple T-shirt with a cat that she had seen a picture of. And she said, ‘Papa, and I want one T-shirt and not three.’ I asked her why she had not worn it till now and she said, I am saving it for an occasion as it is a special T-shirt.’ ” he says, telling us how they are not spoilt at all.

So what dreams does daddy shah rukh have for Arya and Suhana? “My biggest dream for my children is that they should remain children for the rest of their lives.I’d like my daughter to be a dancer or an actress. I think she has it in her. I’d like my son to be Manchester United centre forward wearing jersey no 10. I’d like him to be a sportsman.”

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