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Anushka Sharma’s pay was cut to 1/3rd for NH10

Anushka Sharma’s first ever movie as a producer, NH10 by Navdeep Singh is all set to begin and the actress, who will be playing the lead actress in it, supposedly is going to be charging 1/3rd of the usual remuneration that the actress always charges. Clearly, the first-time producer, is doing everything she can to stick to the budget.

And not just that, Anushka will also not be taking the producer’s fee for NH10! Looks like the actress is nervous about her first production venture. A source close to the movie confirmed this news saying, “Anushka likes the script, so she decided to take these big cuts. In turn, she will share profits subject to their realization.”

Anushka’s either too sure that the script for NH10 will work very well or too nervous about the movie. Talking about how she is thrilled to work as a producer so early in her film career, the actress said, “I’m thrilled to get a chance to do this so early on in my career. And I couldn’t have found a better project than ‘NH10’ to kick-start this new phase in my film journey.” She will be co-producing it with Phantom production house.

Along with that she is also acting in Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K and Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay velvet.

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