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Will Shahrukh Khan beat Senior Bachchan on Twitter

Number of followers for Bolly stars on social media is going crazy in our B-Town. And our King Khan who frequently tries to fill Senior Bachchan shoes, has crossed 6 million followers on Twitter and thanked his fans for the love and support he has received so far. Our Bollywood Baadshah tweeted: “Thanx for the 6 mil. Our love goes beyond numbers. Wish you all happiness beyond count & love beyond measure.”

King Khan has beaten other Khans and Kumars, however, the raising question is that, will he beat Big B, who is already ahead of 7 million followers on twitter?

Shahrukh Khan, who broke the box office records with Chennai Express, joined Twitter in 2010 and has recorded over 6000 tweets.

Rejoiced fans celebrated Shahrukh Khan’s 6 million mark with the following twitter trends – #SRK6Million#6MillionSRKiansOnTwitter and#6millionssrkians.

This kind of crazy names would definitely make him happy. But, can this Happy New Year guy ever beat Senior Bachchan??? What say guys??



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