Once upon a time skinny Anushka Sharma not skinny anymore!

There is something about Anushka Sharma that makes it difficult to define her. The quintessential girl-next-door, the enchantress, the quirky neurotic or the mega-talented actor… Whatever it may be, she is unique and we simply love her.

This young lady however, has be criticized for her drastic weight loss, off late. Anushka, who has always been a skinny girl, suddenly lost even more kilos early this year. Her painfully thin frame became a hot topic of discussion, where everybody was talking about this babe’s ‘barely visible’ waist.

However, at a recent event, this Band Baja Barat actress looked fuller, healthier and happier. Her face no more looked gaunt, her legs were not spindly and her frame seemed fuller.

And we were the happiest.

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