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Talk about gaming and Varun Dhawan’s the champ!

The Student Of The Year hunk Varun Dhawan can make any girl swoon! His charm is something one just cannot resist. But there is more to this hero than mere good looks and attractive body!!

This dude loves gaming! A typical boy at heart, he opens up about what fascinates him in this gaming world.

P.S: This article may not impress the girls but boys, looks like you’re going to love this guy!

Varun Dhawan is the biggest gaming freak ever. He loves GTA! Aaah, you heard it right! Grand Theft Auto is what keeps this guy busy in his leisure time!

“GTA is an open game and has an immersive story…”, says the 26 year old star.

Varun always loved gaming. His first game was Super Mario brothers. This lad confesses to playing Grand Theft Auto for hours together on his free days.

Another favorite of Varun is FIFA. Being a football fan, the actor says he help but keep playing FIFA.

If you thought that is all, well, the actor loves playing other games that have realistic graphics and good storylines. He also likes Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Far Cry 3, GTA and FIFA.

Even in the tech-savvy age where mobiles are the new cool, this chap still prefers playing on consoles!

Wow, Varun! We’re impressed..

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