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Success and Failure mean nothing to Deepika Padukone!

From ravishing looks to an exceptional talent and a very bright stroke of luck, Deepika Padukone’s one lady who’s got it all. As if magically, all of her past five films have made it to the 200 crore club leaving every director and actor wanting to work with her. But if we look at her life closely, Deepika Padukone has had her own share of failed movies in the past and her film career hasn’t always been this bright.

So how does the diva handle so much success and glory? “I am not someone who takes success or failure too seriously. That doesn’t mean I don’t take my work seriously, but I think at some point you need to learn to not allow these things to sway you” a very calm Deepika says.

With all the success, one would expect that she must have hiked her remuneration by now. But the actress says she hasn’t. Here’s what she says speaking on that, “I haven’t. Besides, I have never been comfortable discussing monies. I don’t even get into that conversation with my producers. I believe I have a team of professionals, who do a damn good job.”

So now we know what the secret to Deepika’s success is, continuous toil with no concern to successes and failures..

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