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What Shahrukh and Kareena thought about changing the society

As celebrities, bollywood actors hold a resposibility in bringing about the necessary changes in the society. Even if they don’t affect anything directly, indirectly they could influence people and things by a great deal. Here’s what Shahrukh and Kareena opined about bringing about all the needed changes in the society.

While Shahrukh thought that the youth is already a lot better than the current society and they will be responsible for the changes in the society. He thinks that they are even capable of stopping the corruption prevailing in the society.”Issues arise in any country because generations change. Every generation has a thought process and I think it depends upon the state and high level of intelligence of the youth.I don’t think the youth is going to be corrupt. In another 10 to 15 years young India will not be corrupt. I see my son and there is simplicity and naughtiness, but there is no corruption. There is nothing as under the table for youngsters.” he says speaking on the issue.

Kareena, who’s played the role of a social activist in Gori Teri Pyaar Mein thinks that politicians should bring about the changes that are needed to be made. “I just hope our country reassesses all laws and people need to take law acutely and for that politicians need to take the law seriously and make sure that it happens” she says speaking about it.

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