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Salman Khan’s Jai Ho trailer not releasing tomorrow

The much awaited Salman Khan’s Jai Ho trailer, it was reported earlier will get released along with Shahid Kapoor’s R..Rajkumar. But then, disappointing all the hordes of fans who have been waiting for it, the trailer release of Salman Khan’s Jai Ho has been pushed to the next week.It was going to get released at Juhu Chandan’s theatre and a turnout of humungous crowds was expected at the place.

Earlier we thought that the release of the trailer may help pull crowds to the theatres for Shahid Kapoor’s R…Rajkumar and help our dear Shahid whose films honestly speaking haven’t been doing all that well lately. But looks like that won’t be happening anymore with the trailer release getting postponed.

So what could be the reason behind the postponement of the trailer? There could not have been any major reason apart from the fact that it hasn’t got done yet. We don’t really know when in the next week will the trailer get released. Looks like all his fans who were waiting to catch him on the screen after he’s been absent from the big screen for nearly a year and a half, since Dabangg 2 has gone out of theatres, will have to wait for a week longer.

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