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The Harsh Column – Celebrities and their favourite Football clubs

“Some people say football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much more important than that.” ~ Bill Shankly.

Bollywood and Football might not strike a chord with you as much as Bollywood and Cricket does. Of course, football has always been second to cricket in India but the game has been gaining some momentum in the country which considers cricket not less than a religion.

I’m an ardent football fan and I cannot tolerate cricket anymore. And I won’t bother giving you reasons why I despise the ‘gentlemen’s game’. But in India, cricket is arguably the most popular medium of entertainment followed by Bollywood.  IPL has given way for Bollywood to enter the realm of cricket and make it more glamorous and more appealing to the Indian audience.

But did you know that there are many actors who absolutely love football as well? Today, I shall enlighten you towards the mystical connection of Bollywood and Football. Here’s a list of 7 Bollywood celebrities and their favourite football clubs.

Ranbir Kapoor – Barcelona F.C

Barcelona are known for their ‘Total Football’ skills and they have rightfully set a benchmark for all the other clubs in the world. Their quality is unmatched and their dominance is unquestionable. And Mr. Ranbir Kapoor is not just a fan of the Catalan club but also the brand ambassador of it in India. Does the club suit him? Well, I’d say yes. Ranbir, just like Barcelona, is a very versatile actor. He can adapt to any character and has given us many different movies like Barfi!, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Rockstar, Raajneeti etc, proving his mettle in every aspect. Just like Barcelona, a club that has mastered the art of defense and offence, Ranbir has also transformed into a very swift moving actor.

Other fans: Aamir Khan and John Abraham.
Ranbir-Kapoor(2) Ranbir-Kapoor(4) Ranbir-Kapoor(1) Ranbir-Kapoor(3)

Shahrukh Khan – Manchester United

Manchester United is the most successful football club in England. You have more fans of Manchester United than people living in Australia. But again, every fan who knows Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham would be a Manchester United fan too. Nevermind, I hate that club. But Shahrukh doesn’t. Why? Maybe because he sees himself in the club. He even wants his son Aryan to become a Manchester United player! The humongous success, the undying legacy and a worldwide fan base. Shahrukh Khan can definitely be the Man-Utd of Bollywood but just wait till Fergie leaves. In this case, Karan Johar. : D

Other fans: Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Shahrukh-Khan (1)

Salman Khan – Arsenal

Beautiful play, umpteen fluidity and the club in form. Barring the 9 year trophy drought, the London club has always managed to get noticed and play in the Champions League every year. And now, the club has bounced back again to its best and sit at the top of the table comfortably. Similarly, Salman Khan’s blissful career started fading away until Prabhu Deva got the best out of him again in Wanted. Since then, Salman Khan has given a bunch of Rs 100 crore movies and also a whooping Rs 198 crore box office collection from Ek Tha Tiger. The actor loves Arsenal for their exceptional one-touch passing game which only a few clubs in the world barring Barcelona and now Bayern Munich (thanks for Guardiola) can pull off. Another interesting fact is that Arsenal has got itself a really hot Bollywood actress as their fan in Esha Gupta. She even visited Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and clicked a few pictures with her favourite club’s merchandise. To read the article, click here. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures with Salman Khan and instead of the boring Shahrukh – Manchester collage, I thought I’d treat you with Esha Gupta’s pictures itself. ; )
Esha-Gupta(2) Esha-Gupta(4) Esha-Gupta(3) Esha-Gupta(1)

Abhishek Bachchan – Chelsea

Chelsea is another top class team of the English Premier League and they are known for they heavy money splashing in the transfer windows. They’re the only London team to have won the most prestigious cup of club football Champions League, as they had a dream run during their 2011-2012 season. But they’re constantly belittled by fans as they say Chelsea uses money to win trophies. But f*** you, so does Real Madrid. That’s the way it has been for them since years, and Chelsea were just among the first ones to follow in their footsteps. Thank you, Roman. As much as I hate to admit, Abhishek Bachchan is also a Chelsea fan and he was also honored with a jersey with his own name written on it by the CFC board at their home stadium. Well, I don’t find any similarities between him and The Blues. It’s just blasphemy.

Other Fans – Me : D
viagra sale no prescription Abhishek-Bachchan3) Abhishek-Bachchan(2) Abhishek-Bachchan(1)

Hrithik Roshan – Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the most successful club in football history. They have won a record 32 La Liga titles, 18 Copa del Rey, 9 Supercopas de España, 1 Copa Eva Duarte and 1 Copa de la Liga. Internationally they have won a record 9 Champions League titles and 3 Intercontinental Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, and 1 UEFA Super Cup. Real Madrid and Barcelona have the most heated rivalry in today’s times but I’d say, Barcelona is just a small part of Real Madrid’s history. They have style, they have class, they have talent, they have history and they have money. Just like Hrithik Roshan, who is also a fan of Real Madrid. Similarities? You must have figured by now. In fact, Hrithik just earned some more class the moment he became a Real fan. BUT no pictures, so just quench yourselves with these Priyanka Chopra snaps at the Sun Life Stadium, Miami during the Chelsea vs Real Madrid International Champions Cup Finals, 2013.
Hrithik-Roshan (1)

Priyanka-Chopra(3) Priyanka-Chopra(1) Priyanka-Chopra(2)


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