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Dimple won’t talk about Anita Advani!

After nearly a year and a half has passed since Rajesh Khanna’s death, Dimple Kapadia who’s remained mute about him all these days decided to come out in the open and talk about him. She let out a lot of thoughts on her late husband and revealed a lot of things about him. There is one thing that she’s completely refused to talk about though, Anita Advani and the truth behind all her claims..!

Anita Advani as weknow, has lived with Rajesh Khanna in his last few years and claims a share in his property.When Dimple was asked as to why she won’t dwell on the subject of Anita Advani, “Did I speak about it when Kakaji was alive? Did I speak when he was in hospital? Did anyone ever spot me in the hospital? That’s how discretely I have always conducted myself. That’s how it shall remain” was what she said.

Here’s what Dimple said talking about her husband whom she calls Kakaji fondly, “He was the greatest actor alive. At least to me, he was. I fell in love with a superstar who was unique. Everything he did was so different, including his gestures and expressions. Importantly, he was good with his fans. Just the other day, I was on a flight when a guy came up to me and said: ‘Dimpleji, I was a big fan of your husband.”

Dimple Kapadia hasn’t done too many films lately. When asked why she says, “I have done fewer films than I should have.No regrets. I wanted to be at home. I like a slower pace of life.”

At the moment though, she is working for Gurmeet Singh’s What the Fish.

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