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Watch Aamir Khan do the Dhoom tap in this latest Dhoom 3 song promo

Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan, who don the hat of a baddie in Dhoom 3, performs to pulsating beats of Dhoom Tap with style and attitude. Apparently, the actor always had this dream to learn this dance form, and when producer heard about his dream, he made it come true by including it in the film.

A source close to Aamir says, “He always wanted to learn tap dance and it’s not easy. One has to practice it every day. He had mentioned it to Aditya and Vijay (director of Dhoom 3) that he wanted to learn tap dancing and they decided to make him dance for Dhoom 3. It requires a lot of practice.”

This actor is simply amazing. He is blowing me out of my wits. Such moves are sure to put the theater on fire. Can’t wait for December 20th anymore. First, those sexy looks and that hot bod, then acrobats, then parkour, and now tap dancing… all this at 48. This man’s simply MIND BLOWING, na?

Meanwhile, you watch this short teaser, and do let us know what you think about Aamir’s new dancing style.

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