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Vivek loved being called ‘Kaal Chachu’

Vivek’s stint as the bad guy Kaal in Krrish 3 was a huge hit with the audiences and now wherever Vivek goes he’s being recognized as ‘Kaal’. And he doesn’t mind it. In fact in a recent alumni meet of his high school, where he was meeting his school friends after nearly 20 years, he loved it when kids of his friends kept addressing him as ‘Kaal Chachu.’

Talking about how the alumni meet was memorable to him and how he loved being called the Kaal Chachu by kids of his friends, here’s what Vivek said, “It was an out of the world experience as I was meeting my best pals after such a long time. I am totally overwhelmed and emotional. After ages we spent the entire night chatting, cracking all those weird jokes and partied till the wee hours in the open. It was great, reliving those wonderful days after 20 years.”

“Meeting with friends completely made me a kid all over again. All of a sudden, a group of screaming kids looking at me suddenly reminded me of my identity as an actor. Kids calling me Kaal Chachu gives me a real high” he adds.

The alumni meet took place in Ajmer, Rajasthan where Vivek he spent 12 years of his life. “I have loved this state not because it is so vibrant and colourful. My love for Rajasthan has a strong reason. Mujhe Rajasthan ki mitti se pyaar hai, kyunki maine yahan sardi, garmi, barsat… har mausam dekha hai aur jiya hai. The 12 years I spent here are coloured with memories of soaring heat and freezing cold.” Vivek said, talking about his love for the state.if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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