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Konkona Sen Sharma’s Off-Beat Roles

We often see every actor waiting for a chance to work with big directors, big production houses and other noted names of the industries. The rat race in Bollywood is mad but some choose to stay out of it. And one such actress is Konkona Sen Sharma.

Konkona Sen Sharma has never been considered in the list of top-notch actresses, probably because she always wanted to do some exceptional roles. Here are some of Konkona Sen Sharma’s off-beat roles so far.

Page 3

Konkona plays the role of Madhavi Sharma, a page 3 reporter. Her life goes through major changes as she shifts from reporting celeb news to crime news. She learns the distasteful realities of the media and how money can buy almost everything.

15 Park Avenue

Meethi, Konkona’s character in the film, is a Schizophrenic. In her imaginary world, she live with her husband, who is her ex fiancée, and has 5 children. The happy family live in 15 Park Avenue in Kolkata. All a part of her imagination.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

Meenakshi Iyer, along with her son, sets out on a journey to reunite with her husband. En route, she meets Raja Chowdhury, a wildlife photographer. She is a Hindu and he, a Muslim. When the bus they are travelling in is stopped by a mob, all Hindu men, Meenakshi introduces Raja as Mr. Iyer in order to save him. This is the beginning of a journey in Meenakshi’s life.

Life in a… Metro

In this film, Konkona Sen Sharma plays the role of a simple 28 year old eager to get hitched. She goes through an emotional turmoil when she discovers that her boyfriend is gay. She then meets Monty and is initially not too fond of him but eventually ends up falling in love with him and marrying him.

Ek Thi Daayan

Konkona plays the Daayan in this film. She plays the role of Diana who marries the lead actor’s father and creates suspicion in the mind of Emraan Hashmi, the lead actor. She then sacrifices his younger sister in order to regain her dark powers but is killed by the lead actor.
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