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Konkona Sen Sharma and her style secrets

There are these actresses in Bollywood. They aren’t strikingly pretty or drool worthy or drop dead gorgeous or anything of such sorts. But they have a certain charm to them. It isn’t that they aren’t pretty or anything but its just that they don’t fit the bill. But when you look at them, you can’t take your eyes of them! Uff! They define class, elegance and grace. One such actress is Konkona Sen Sharma.

Konkona Sen Sharma isn’t anything like her contemporaries. She’s not pretentious. She doesn’t change her skin colour from wheatish to fair or photoshops her photo shoots. She is what she is and is very proud of herself. In a good way. She isn’t size zero and she wouldn’t starve herself to look pretty either. Like I said, she is what she is. Anyway, what got me writing this article is her gracious style

Very rarely will you find Konkona Sen Sharma in wild clothes. Her wardrobe isn’t very loud or raunchy. She’ll wear just about anything. Saree’s, Anarkali’s, Skirts, Kurta’s anything. Her favorite material is cotton and she loves block prints. She’s more of a handloom girl and loves natural fabrics. When she’s wearing something which is plain and not printed, she tries and teams up the outfit with beaded necklaces to make me it more fun.

Konkona Sen’s look is much more simpler. An event or two she was spotted in bright colored clothes but her make up has always been very neutral and very simple. Even though red lipsticks are a huge rage you;ll never find Konkona Sen wearing one. The same goes with huge chunky jewelry.

Konkoa Sen, like Amrita Rao, prefers the girl next door look. Her make up musts are a fresh and clear complexion. Eyes filled with Kohl and dark lipsticks, preferably browns. Konkona Sen advices us to wear minimum make up during the day and says that nude lipsticks in glossy shades are perfect for formal lunches. Her favorite lip shades are from M.A.C. They are from the Tinted Lipglass collection in 1N, Underage, Viva Glam 5.

Konkona Sen’s best accessory would be her breath taking smile and the never ending jet black tresses. With a smile like that, she can win a million hearts and those jet black silky hair will open a million doors for her! With such strong weapons, she doesn’t need anything else!

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