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“I have loved Shahrukh like a younger brother”, says Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan made quite a few startling revelations on the opening episode of Karan Johar’s chat show, ‘Koffee with Karan’ – season 4. The actor, who is not very open about his life, be it personal or professional, seemed pretty chilled out while talking to Karan. He openly talked about love, life and career. One thing in particular that caught our attention besides his exes was, his ongoing cold war with Shahrukh Khan.

When Salman was asked to explain in detail his equation with Shahrukh Khan, he said,
“There was never a war. Two guys got along fine and then one night they didn’t get along well. It was something that happened that hurt me. He could have come and finished it off and he chose not to. In fact Aamir (Khan) was at my house and there were 3-4 others. I don’t how it got out so quickly and next morning I see headlines and some camps being formed. And after that he came on your show and spoke about it. He passes my house 3-4 times a day. Why was the show needed? He could have come to my house at that time.”

Salman Khan also spoke about the famous hug that happened this year, which made headlines as foes-turned-friends. He said, “It was holy month of Ramadan so it was the most apt thing to do.”

Salman further opened up about his friendship with SRK. He said: “He’s got his own life, I have got my own life. Im 100% sure we will not be the best of friends again but there is lot of respect that I have had and I have loved him over the years. When people try to bitch about him and say shit about him, and think they can earn brownie points from me are very wrong. I hate that. Because I have spent a lot of time with him – at my house, on the sets, partied together etc. So if someone thinks they can speak bad about him and get away with it, then I don’t permit that at all because somewhere I have really liked the guy, loved the guy, like a younger brother.”

We wonder how Shahrukh must’ve reacted to this candid confession.

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