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Rahul Bose finds peace in hectic shooting schedules

Rahul Bose, the actor who has always been loved for a great talent talks about his hectic shooting schedule and how he finds it peaceful to spend so much of his time shooting for films instead of his other wise not-so-peaceful life. The actor is playing the leading guy in nearly four movies now.

Aparna Sen’s sequel to Mr and Mrs Iyer is one of them, the second one being a Zoya Akhta’s directorial, the third one- Jeene Do and the fourth one a Bengali detective movie. That’s a lot of films for an actor to handle, especially when he plays a lead role in all of them. Rahul Bose though, has no qualms on such a heavy shooting schedule and he thinks that it is more peaceful to spend his time shooting for films.

Here is what his recent tweet about it says, “Doing four films now: Zoya Akhtar’s next, ‘Jeene Do’ a soulful love story, a Bengali detective film and the sequel to Mr & Mrs Iyer! For most actors I imagine filming’s a busy time. For me, compared to the rest of my life, it’s the most peaceful!”

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