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Vishal in search for a child artist for Raaz 4

We’ve reported how Raaz 4 is being made by Vishal Mahadkar and is going to be the remake of the 1976 hollywood film, ‘The Omen’. The cast of this movie hasn’t been finalized yet but the director is now in the look out for a child artist who supposedly will play a crucial role in it.

This role was played by Harvey Stephens in the Hollywood version. Talking about this, the director says, “Right now my focus is on the child artist. We need the right child to play the lead in the film. We are desperately hunting for the child.” So what are their specific requirements for the devil child? “There is no wish list as such. I want a child who can make our life easy on the sets” said Vishal in answer to that.

The script is going to be changed such that it will impart some nativity into it and Vikram Bhatt is currently working on the it. And as soon as the script gets done, the hunt for the cast of the movie will begin. “We will start shooting from February 2014 and Vikram Bhatt is scripting the film. We will adapt the film as per the Indian sensibilities. The film will be very much the Indian ‘Omen’. I have grown up watching Hollywood films and this film will certainly raise the bar of horror films in India.” Vishal Mahadkar added.

While we are really curious on who will be the cast of the film, Vishal says that it is the content that will be the actual star of the film. “The content will be the star in the film. I don’t mind roping in stars, but nothing is confirmed right now. I strongly feel the content is so strong that the script is the star as of now.”

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