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Most unconventional actresses in Bollywood: Away from the rat race!

Many may think that actresses have just one duty: adding a “GLAM” factor to the film. They are just glorified arm candies. Why should a heroine always wear skimpy clothes, dance in an arousing manner and seduce the hero? It that all she can do? While many are glad being why was relafen discontinued miss-goody-two-shoes but some choose to break that conviction and live a man’s life as many call it. They are gorgeous not because they look good but because they did unconventional things and stole the show. Let’s have a look at the most unconventional actresses in Bollywood!

Smita Patil

smita patil
What first attracts one towards his beauty is her skin tone. Sun-kissed, dusky skin and her large eyes. But mind you she was not here to be someones’ arm candy. She is regarded as one of the finest actresses of all times. She became one of the leading actresses of parallel cinema. What made her an incredible unconventional actresses on-screen was the fact that Smita was an active feminist, it reflected in her roles. Though she did mainstream masala films, parallel films was her thing. Her oeuvre is outstanding.

Shabana Azmi

shabana azmi
Regarded as one of the finest actresses in India, Shabana Azmi’s performances in films in a variety of genres have earned her a lot of praises. She is not like the regular beauties that we see. Many don’t even consider her to be good looking. We’d like to call her different looking. She has shown that looks are definitely not the only criteria that one must possess to be a part of this industry. She has shown that woman is a gift of God by birth, her being pretty or not is totally irrelevant.


Regarded as one of the most talented Indian female actors of her generation, Tabu is known to be selective about her film roles. Despite a few exceptions, Tabu is best known for acting in artistic, low-budget films that go on to garner more critical appreciation than substantial box office figures. She has done films that actors shun away from for their bold avatars. She carries of her tall frame with a crown of being one of the best actresses ever!

Konkana Sen Sharma

Konkona sen
This lady desrves to top the list for obvious reasons. She is not considered good looking, has a slightly bulky frame and has no God father in this industry. These were reasons enough for her to be written off. But despite having many odds against her, she has chosen to rule the industry and boy, she does a fantastic job at it! Amazingly exceptional acting abilities! She can make you forgot abuot her looks and live the character. She is off the rack and the best.

Chitrangada Singh

Okay we can’t get over her looks! She takes us into a trance and we are not exaggerating. God must have gone on a vacation to engineer someone of that high degree of beauty. She is just stunning! Words fall short when we talk about her. She never chose the regular path of films. Unconventional looks go hand in hand with unconventional movies for this beauty!
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