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Fantastic 5: Best movies of Boman Irani!

Boman Irani, the name itself brings a smile on our face. But he is more than just a comedian. He can pull off any role with utmost ease and make you believe that he is not acting. Versatile and lovable. That’s what he is. Today, that is the 2nd of December, Boman turns 54 and we will celebrate his birthday by taking you on a fantastic journey. Fantastic 5: Best movies of Boman Irani exclusively for you.

Munnabhai MBBS

boman irani
Talk about Boman’s best performances and not mention this film? Impossible! Sanjay Dutt may have walked away with laurels for playing the lovable gunda but this feel good comedy about compassion over prescription would be half as fun if it wasn’t for Boman Irani’s interjections as the disciplinarian dean Dr Asthana.

Main Hoon Na

boman irani
Boman has got a secret affair with being a principal at college. They go hand in hand and make you laugh till your stomach hurts! Surprisingly, he insists he’s ‘not a funny man in real life,’ the actor sure knows how to tickle a bone or two. As the droll, absent-minded principal with an eclectic collection of cartoon ties, Boman is a picture of amusement in his film.

3 Idiots

boman irani
The rigid engineering college principal with the look that reminds of Einstein and crabbiness that transports one back to school Boman definitely stole the show in this film. From an insensitive professor to a loving grandfather, his journey in this film brings a smile and truck loads of tears to ones’ face.


boman irani
Most villains are required to act or look over-the-top. Boman has both in the right measure. He is different in this film. He’s subtle. Especially the tone of his two-faced baddie. Two adjectives that he personfies in the film are deceit and destruction.


boman irani
The cruel streak is saved for this memorable performance as Rana Jayawardhan in cheap free shipping cialis Eklavya. In this masterful drama that boasts of superlative work from each member of the cast, Irani shines with his well-timed slyness and somber aura despite a relatively brief part.
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