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Anil Kapoor throws a bash for his 24 team

Anil Kapoor, who plays the lead actor in the thriller series 24, threw a wrap up party for the team of the serial; at his residence on Saturday.

At the start of the party, Anil loudly announced “Everyone must get drunk!” but he didn’t have a drop himself.

Anil said, “Of course I didn’t drink. I was the host! If I didn’t remain sober how would I look after my guests?”

“He danced to My Name Is Lakhan, screamed every guest’s name as though he or she were his long-lost best friend, pranced around with energy-level of kangaroo on steroids and made sure no one glass was empty. He was in his element all right,” says Richa Chadha who came to the party in a ravishing black dress.

“It was my most memorable party ever in the film industry. Everyone in the 24 team has slogged to make it work. We all deserved to let our hair down,” said Anil Kapoor.

One person whose absence was conspicuous was Mandira Bedi, who plays a major role in 24. When asked about it, Mandira said “I had to miss the party because I had my brother in town from Singapore. He visits only once a year. And I had a dinner for him at home. So I couldn’t get away. The 24 party was planned much after my dinner was locked in. So I missed out on all the fun with the 24 team.”

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