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Gunday to get dubbed into Bengali

Yash Raj Films’ venture Gunday is all set to reach out to the Bengali audiences of the West Bengal as well by getting dubbed into Bengali. Considering how the movie was entirely based on Kolkata and how most of the movie was shot there, the Yash Raj Films productions has decided that it was necessary that the movie get released in Bengali.

“The film is set during Calcutta’s (now Kolkata) most turbulent times of the 1970s and this is at the soul of the film with the characters seeped in the culture of that time. Consequently, the plan for releasing the film also in Bengali was finalised at the pre-production stage” said the spokesperson of the movie.

The movie will get released on the 14th of February and the Bengali version will also get released on the same day as the Hindi version. Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh play the ‘Gunday’ where as Priyanka Chopra, the leading lady, plays the role of a retro Bengali Indian belle of the seventies.

Gunday will be the first ever Bengali movie that will be produced by the Yash Raj Films productions. The movie is being directed by Abbas Ali Zafar and has released the first teaser only recently.

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